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Batman: Arkham Asylum First Impressions

Wow. Awesome.

I'm tempted to end the post there.

Really, I've not run in to anything that glares at me and I've run in to a lot I like.

First, a BIG WIN.

When you fall in to a pit, the game has a "whoops, let's undo that" type of feature. HOORAY! I hate games that waste my time with jumping.

More than that, it's just damned cool. The Joker is done really well - lots of lines that make him a great villain and put him in character nicely.

And Batman feels epic. Epic Awesome, that is.

(Aside from the fact that he's a pansy when it comes to taking a punch.)

He dishes out damage real nice, but more than that, I really like the hide-in-the-dark nature and drop down from above for awesome knock outs.

The detective scenes are pretty cool too, and all the toys are fun.

And they keep the action going. Yay for clear objectives that are marked on the map.

So far, I'm giving this game two thumbs way up.

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