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Fixing Right-Click "Open As Read Only" in Office Apps

Beth Milton, Office MVP points out, correctly that the following fixes the right click option "Open as Read Only" to actually open documents as read only:

Ah! Now I understand what you are referring to and I see what you are 
referring to - the files are not opening as read-only. 

A quick check of the file type and I see the problem - and it looks 
like a bug.

You can manually correct it if you want: 
- Open an Exploring window 
- Go to Tools/Folder Options 
- Select the File Types tab 
- Select the "Microsoft Excel Worksheet" file type (XLS) 
- Click the "Advanced" command 
- Select "Open as Read Only" 
- Click "Edit" 
- Change the DDE message to: 

- For Word edit the Microsoft Word Document file type (DOC) 
- Change the DDE Message to: 
[AppShow][REM _DDE_ReadWriteOnSave][FileOpen .Name="%1",.ReadOnly=1]

Please post all follow-up questions to the newsgroup. Requests for 
assistance by email can not be acknowledged.

Beth Melton 
Microsoft Office MVP


Note that you only see the "Open as Read Only" option if you hold SHIFT when you right click.

 Windows 7 users: You don't have this option in Windows 7.

Use the following tool to made the above-described edits:


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