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Aion: First Impressions

Aion is a pretty good game so far, but not without its flaws. [More]

Confirmed: Batman: Arkham Asylum is "Teh Awesome"

[Typo in title intentional] I beat the game last night on the hardest difficulty. There are a few areas that need some improvement, but those are very few. Overall, this game delivers. More...

Tomb Raider Underworld: First Impression

So, I went and bought Tomb Raider Underworld. And it's pretty much as I expected it - to wit: the jumping pisses me off. More...

Fable II Multiplayer Co-op 90% great

Man, why is it that when a company manages to do something wonderful, they seem to always bunge up one detail of it? Today, I'm talking about the co-operative multiplayer in Fable 2. Having the other player "phase out" for story line / plot sequences is the easy way out, but that's totally A-OK by me. But there are two glaring problems. More...

An Exercise in what Not to do: GhostBusters the Video Game

I took the GhostBusters video game back to the store last night. I even took a loss for it since I had purchased it new and had to "trade" it in. There are many cool things about it, but there are some serious flaws too and here I am going to enumerate them in the hopes that some designer somewhere might see these things and know better for their own game. So that I don't take their future game back for the same crap. More...

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